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{This is a giveaway brought to you from — they provided me with 100 awesome business cards for review purposes.  All opinions are exclusively my own.}

Let’s talk about passion.  

Often times as a coach’s wife, we refer to passion when speaking about our husband’s coaching career.  After all, isn’t it the passion for his job & the game of football that turns us into his biggest cheerleader?  But what about your own passion?    

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If there’s one thing that I learned in this transition year, it’s that following my own passion has tremendous value — not only for my own sense of self, but in a way that has supported our family financially.  What started out as a hobby has become a work from home gig of my own design.  I truly believe that when you follow your passion, the money will follow.  

I have been writing & publishing from the perspective of a college football coach’s wife for over four years.  I continually find that I have more stories to write & more adventures to share,  so I did the only thing I know how to do.  I followed my passion and…started another business.

In addition to writing about this lifestyle, I’m also writing about my adventures outside the football world — that place where I’m just Sara.  I’m so excited to share more DIY projects, my thrift store finds, upcycled goods, & coming soon… my own little co-op booth full of vintage goodies.

minted giveaway  

One of the first things you need to identify yourself as a new business person is a business card.  I looked for something special & found it on  Each design on their site was created by designers from across the country.  My favorite design for my new business was this adorable card with vintage flair.  Does it get more adorable than a brownie box camera?  

To help you follow your passion, I’ve partnered with to giveaway 100 Business Cards.  Not sure what your passion is just yet?  Enter this giveaway anyway and create a custom calling card or “Mommy Card” to hand out to new people that you meet.  Hurry!  This giveaway ends on Thursday, September 12!



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  1. Woo hoo!!! Those are awesome business cards! I would love some.

    Your new creative business sounds fun!! I hope it goes well for you :)

    • Thank you! I love them… bet they have a vintage typewriter for you!


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