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CB-sponsored-post-green-script-600I recently had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with an old friend & our children at the playground.  As we walked with our girls, she reflected on her work week and I was filled with awe.  She is an elementary teacher in an Emotional Support classroom — she works with children who come to school without the basic necessities like love or food and she cares for them & teaches them.  I knew I had found my Simple Service Project and immediately got to work gathering scissors, glue, and all kinds of art tools!  

With the help of my extended family, we worked together to purchase art supplies for Mrs. M’s students.  This is a great time of year to reward teachers and students with “extras” to inspire not just learning, but creativity.  Wanting to inspire creativity in others, the little girls and I went to Walmart in search of arts and crafts supplies to jump start our collection.  {I love that I can scoop up things like glue, scissors, and crayons for such a bargain!}

We called our Simple Service Project “Let Art Blossom” and created a simple craft inspired by flowers we saw on the Fiskars website.  

art supply drive #fiskars4kids #cfk #shopInspired by this project, we created our own layered flowers using Fiskars’ scissors with decorative edges.  There are so many amazing projects on this site – good luck trying to choose just one!  We used our layered flowers for our sign to collect donations.  

let art blossom #fiskars4kids #cfk #shop


How do you make paper flowers?  Luckily, there is no right or wrong way to make a paper flower.  Cut shapes, layer it up, use whatever color strikes your fancy, pop a button in the center, and voila — you’ve got yourself a garden!    

art boxes for classroom #cfk #fiskars4kids #shopFor Mrs. M’s classroom, we decided to give each student their very own box of supplies with kids safety scissors, a gluestick, box of crayons & a box of colored pencils, and a bottle of school glue.  The rest of the art materials would be for the entire classroom, but up to Mrs. M which supplies would be used.  I love kids and art, but we wanted to make sure that no one was painting a masterpiece in the middle of a spelling test!   

pappy donating art supplies #fiskars4kids #cfk #shop

Ready to inspire creativity!

This Fiskars “Shape Their Future” project is something that anyone can do.  I encourage you to gather your family, friends, or co-workers and consider donating to a classroom or community center that serves children.  Inspire creativity wherever you go and let art & creativity blossom!  

How do you give back in your community?  



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  1. Love this! Let Art Blossom – what a fantastic concept! This is so fun.


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