Getting Back into the Swing of Football Life {Guest post!}

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Trying to get back into our football season routine this year has been difficult to say the least. We found out we were expecting at the end of June and by July my first trimester symptoms were very apparent; exhaustion, nausea, mood swings, and left to pick up my slack and decipher my attitudes was my husband. By the end of July as we were preparing for football to start (we started August 1st), I was terrified of the thought of having to do everything around the house, take care of our toddler and still work my full time job while my coach would be away for 2 full weeks living on campus for preseason camp. In the week before camp started we checked some things off our to-do list, like cleaning out the basement, redoing the living room and packing away old clothes and coach gave me one last “you will survive” speech and he was off.

I won’t lie, I cried for the first time the first day of camp. Normally I am counting down the days to preseason and am totally fine when my husband leaves, because my house stays cleaner, he stays busy and finally I have full control of the remote at night. This time around, our toddler was in full, I’m going to be 3 and need to do everything by myself temper tantrum mode, and I could barely keep my eyes open in the evening after work to deal with her temperament. The dishes in the sink piled up just as fast as the laundry did and cooking became a foreign term. I was perpetually late every morning due to exhaustion and a child who refused to get dressed in anything I touched and I’m pretty sure there were says she left the house in clothes that didn’t even remotely match because I just didn’t feel like fighting. Those first days felt like an eternity.

By the end of the first week I was fine, I realized I wasn’t going to get everything around the house done like I could in previous football seasons, I got over the fact that we were going to eat out more often this time around and if our daughter ended up watching a movie in the evenings after work instead of doing something educational it was fine. Family and friends helped around the house and helped keep our daughter busy during those two weeks as well, which I was truly grateful for. Fast forward to today, pre-season is over, I’m getting ready to start my second trimester, so I have some energy back and this weekend I was able to clean my house, run errands and have a fun weekend with my toddler sans temper tantrums. So I’d say we are ending August on a good note and I feel like we have finally gotten back into the swing of things. We survived camp and can’t wait to spend our first home game with our family, football family, and friends.

How did everyone else handle pre-season?

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  1. I was in similar shoes last year with pre-season. We had a 16 month old and I found out I was pregnant with our second child in July, therefore being a pregnant, full time working mother to a toddler during football season was challenging at times, but I survived, just as you will! Good Luck this season! It sounds like you have help which is nice, I didn’t live near any family and had very little friends in our area. This year we have changed schools and states and while we still aren’t “home” we are much closer so we can get some help and we have made many new friends, which is great!

    • Thanks Ashlee! It has been a blessing to be so close to family and friends. I realize that this school will be the closest we will ever to be them, so I really am grateful! Good luck this season! Glad you moved closer to family, so you can have help!

  2. Hello-
    I am engaged to a high school defensive coordinator, and I am trying to get used to this lifestyle! :) We have a 2 1/2 year old, and I am so used to having more help, but I do (at this point) still enjoy the pride of keeping things together on my own :D. Ok….you guys may think this is crazy, but since this is my first year with Coach, I am trying to think of really cute things I can do for the next 7 days until his first game. I (so far) have come up with football scotcheroos, football potato bar, football meatloaf, football cake, a cute “coaches wife” quote that I will incorporate somehow, a football field tablecloth. Any ideas would be appreciated! :) Happy Football Season to All!


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