Moving Problems & Blessings in Disguise

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It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks for this football family.  Quite like my last post, we’ve had many a plan get “boogered up”, only to find it to be a blessing in disguise.

Coordinating a move is a stressful chore for anyone — and especially when you’re contracting with the taping of every box.  Not really knowing what I was doing and wanting the process to go as smoothly as possible, we worked with Family Relocation to coordinate our move.  I was sent a detailed inventory, which I filled out.  Appliances, piano, furniture, boxes… I had it all on the spreadsheet.  All of it.  The only company with Wheaton Van lines with an intrastate license was Todd’s Easy Moves.  An associate from his office telephoned me prior to their arrival and we went over the inventory list and while we were on the phone, I requested that they bring along extra boxes for us to purchase directly from the truck.  ”Won’t be a problem,” I was told.

The morning of our move, we had a big problem.  When the truck arrived, I had a bad feeling.  Intuition at its best.  Within ten minutes, he’s talking about what’s on his cube sheets {hello, I don’t speak “moving truck”!!} and the piano is extra and you’re going to have to box that bookcase.  Box a bookcase?  Hang on, let me build a box big enough for a three-hundred pound bookcase!  OSHA this & OSHA that.  Extra boxes aren’t on your sheet.  Wait, you’re taking your washer & dryer?  That’s not on my sheet.  We can do it, but it’s gonna be $85 extra for each piece and extra to hook it back up.

While he started going round & round with my husband, I called Family Relocation.  They were confused and while I really like the man who attempted to coordinate my move, he has yet to phone me back from 10 days ago concerning our UN-MOVE.

At 7:45 am, the moving truck drove away.  He said something about “extortion” {huh?!} and left us with a house full of boxes and no truck.

Ellie locked herself in the bathroom & started to cry.  I retrieved her and we sat on the stairs in disbelief.  At 38 weeks pregnant and a new job to start later in the week, NOT moving was NOT an option.

This is where the blessings begin to flow…

Oh, Dear God… I don’t know what to do.  

Then there was a knock at the door & my neighbor was standing there with a postcard for Moving Simplified.  ”Give this guy a call.  He can probably help you out.”


Turns out that Mondays are slow and by mid-morning our stuff was being loaded on a truck by four of the nicest young guys.  Polite, helpful, STRONG {carried my piano like it was a box of feathers}, called me ma’am more times than I’d like {dudes, I’m not *that* old}, and when we got the bill… it was HALF of what we were prepared to pay.  HALF.

Sifting through all the boxes and trying to make sense of the new house will take some time.  Of course, time is running out before the baby arrives but we’re almost there.  We’re all together & that’s what matters most.

And because our blessing in disguise saved so much money, the school offered to pay for the entire move.  It’s moments like that when you know you’re “home” and that God’s got your back.

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  1. I was shocked to find out just how expensive moving is after talking with another coaching family we are friends with. Forget Christmas club, I’m goingto start saving for future moves. Glad to hear things are working out!
    Tiffany recently posted..Wedding Wednesday: Invitations Part 1My Profile


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