Kindness in Troubled Times

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There are times throughout this job loss when I feel broken.  Thinking about it, trying to solve everything on my own only brings anxiety & worry.  Praying about what lies ahead for our family… that gives me a sense of peace.

“For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace…” 1 Cor14:33

Our family is not alone in our job loss — there are families throughout the country, outside the world of college football who are experiencing troubled times.  And close to home, many families in our church are in a time of transition as well.

What God has done for me in a time when I mostly feel like hiding is this:  He has sent in reinforcements.

I’m telling you… it’s like having the national guard come rescue my mind & my heart.

First, there were text messages & phone calls of support from our family and friends.  Then the circle extended to phone calls from fellow coaches, emails to me from coaches’ wives that I’ve never  even met, and the support of my girlfriends over morning coffee.  An athletic director from a rival school inviting our family to be his guest for the weekend, including an overnight stay.

God answers prayers in mysterious ways… A lawyer helping us sort through all the paperwork who wishes only to be paid in free t-shirts.  A real estate agent who calls “out of the blue” only minutes after I mention to my husband that I can’t think of her last name.  Finding your mailbox full of hand written cards & letters from parents, game officials, current & former players articulating their love & support for my husband.  These are all things that God has done for us.

There is kindness in troubled times.

Tomorrow would be our last game of the season and it’s at home.  We are headed to the beach, courtesy of a player’s parents who sent us the keys to their beach home.  Thank you, God, for sending all these wonderful people to be in our lives at exactly the right time.

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  1. Your post touched my heart. My husband is a high school head football coach and I know someday we could be in the same situation. I warms my heart that all of those people have reached out to your family. It really is all about more than the wins and losses. I don’t know your husband, but obviously he has positively impacted lives! Your family is in my prayers!

  2. I truly feel your pain. I had sent you a message after this happened to you because my heart just broke for you. And now ironically as of a few days ago we are in the same exact boat. And coaching is so much more than “just a job” it is our lifestyle and in a lot of cases our identity. And leaving all the players and coaching staff is just awful. And this is the only college my kids have known, and they don’t understand why we can’t go hang out at “daddy’s work” So everything you have been writing about since your situation happened, is spot on. I pray you and your family find something quickly and your support system remains strong.

  3. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers during this time of change and transition! The love and compassion others have shown your family is your opportunity to reap what you and your husband have sown into the lives of many over the years. Please continue to allow family, friends and even strangers to boost your spirits and morale.
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