Mommy Snacktime – Peach Cupcakes {with #DelMonte}

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Having a husband who works roughly 74 hours a week during football season leaves few opportunities for me to do anything on my own.  Sure, she goes to preschool three days a week but cleaning toilets & grocery shopping by myself hardly counts as “me time”.

That being said, it’s so important as moms that we take time for ourselves — even if it’s just a moment.  My moment came yesterday when Ellie finally gave in, climbed in her fort, & fell fast asleep.  All moms know, there’s really nothing more beautiful than naptime.

I love to let Ellie help me in the kitchen, but after two rounds of cooking with kids in one day, I waited until she was fast asleep to work on a new recipe for peach filled cupcakes.

To make this simple recipe, you can use any flavor of cake mix.  I chose this Classic White {because it was already in the pantry}, but a Spiced Cake Mix would taste amazing.  You will need:

  • Cake Mix
  • Cupcake papers
  • #DelMonte Diced Peaches w/Cinnamon & Brown Sugar
  • 2 cups of sour creme
  • 2 eggs
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees & then mix together the cake mix, sour creme, & eggs in a bowl that’s a bit larger than you would normally use.  I learned the hard way that sour creme takes up more space than your traditional recipe of just oil & eggs.  As a side note, I tried to use my old-fashioned hand mixer so that I wouldn’t wake up Ellie, but when the oven beeped SHE WOKE UP.  {sigh.}
The batter will be thick – more like a muffin batter.  {Cupcakes masquerading as a “healthy” treat!} Next, place a baking cup in each well of a standard muffin pan.  Add a spoonful of batter to each cup and then add just a few Del Monte diced peaches with Cinnamon & Brown Sugar on the top.  If you’d like you could add more batter on the top, but I wanted the pretty peaches to show because I despise cake icing.
My suggested bake time is anywhere between 20-30 minutes, depending upon the depth of your muffin tins.  I used a vintage pan {shallow}, so our cupcakes were done in just 23 minutes.  Instead of icing, we sprinkled a bit of cinnamon to the top — a perfect fall treat for Mommy Snacktime.
After we let them cool for about ten minutes, they were ready to eat.  My Mommy Snacktime turned into a Mommy & Me Snacktime, but who better to share a treat with than my number 1 girl?
While Ellie worked her puzzles, I was able to steal a moment with a peach cupcake, a cup of coffee, & a favorite book.  I encourage you all to each take a guilt-free moment for yourself.  Sit down, put your feet up, nurture yourself… even if it’s just for ten minutes.  Moms deserve it!

{This post has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.  #CBias  All opinions are my own.}

Want to see more pictures?  Visit my Google+ Story!

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  1. Love these, can’t believe you hate icing though-that’s my favorite part!


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