Five Days… Cha Cha Cha

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There are five days left in our football season.

The season has dragged on for the past three months.  For three months, it’s been the same… long day on Sunday, home late on Monday, dinner at 8 the rest of the week, and an occasional date night. 

Last night {which was Monday by the way}, it didn’t dawn on me until 7:45 pm that it was IN FACT Monday and that the salmon dinner I had just cooked was all in vain.  Worse yet, Babycakes had her forehead pressed against the glass waiting for Daddy to come home.  You can’t reason so swell with a two-year-old who was promised that her “Daddy’s coming home soon”, plus she bites.  I did what I had to do and that was: eat salmon dinner on the couch and let her watch Dancing With the Stars. 

It’s a bit strange how watching Dancing With the Stars suddenly inspired her to take off her clothes and get “naken”.  She took one good look at Jennifer Grey, announced that she “looks like a chicken”, and promptly removed her own pants and shirt.  No worries, after shaking it for a few measures of music, she put on a red double-breasted trench coat over her diaper.  If only I were kidding. 

At some point she lost her stripper outfit, gave into kitty cat pajamas, her Daddy came home, all was right in the world again, and she went to sleep after just three reads of a new favorite book.  That gave me about twenty minutes of quality time with Coach before I fell asleep watching Monday night football.  He’s very forgiving — we’re all a little tired around here. 

There are five days left in football season.

{And on the sixth day, after the helmets were returned and jerseys all accounted for, the Football Family rejoiced & spent a lazy afternoon together.  Together.  Did you catch that?  Together.  Again.  That’s a win that really counts.}

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  1. Happy countdown! & my heart broke a little when you talked about Babycakes waiting for her daddy to come home. Mine’s only 1 but when came home the other night & didn’t get her out of her high chair right away she was heartbroken. Shaky chin, big crocodile tears heartbroken.

    I have a love hate relationship with football season.

  2. Yay for lazy afternoons and family time! You guys certainly deserve it. :)


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