She Drops It Like It’s Hot…

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Coach & Babycakes begin each morning by battling over the remote control.  He wants to watch the news, she wants to watch Sesame Street.  There’s one network that they can agree on and that’s Palladia — a cross between MTV, CMT, & VH1. 

Most mornings, Palladia is broadcasting Carrie Underwood or Darius Rucker videos.  As the music plays, our sweet girl wiggles her hips from side to side and bobs her head with the beat.  She will even add an occasional twirl which always elicits applause from her doting parents. 

On Friday, Palladia decided to kick it up a notch. 

While we sipped on coffee and worked out the day’s events, ’Cakes played with her puppets on the floor next to us.  That is… until the next song piqued her interest.  Suddenly on her feet, she was in full dance mode to the sound of, “Sssssnnnnnnooooooooop!”  Two words she knows well:  “Ma & Hot”.  And heck, she sleeps in a “crib”, so why wouldn’t this song capture her attention? 

What a proud parenting moment!  31 inches tall and she dances to Snoop Dog. 


On a side note…

We had a scheduled showing of our house today & before you get too excited for me, I’m just going to tell you now that they canceled.  Of course, they waited two hours after we left home to let us know that they weren’t coming. 

‘Cakes, Fur Baby, & I went to an outdoor shopping village this afternoon so the humans could grab some lunch.  Eating with a toddler brings new meaning to the term “finger foods” because, you know, if the hummus is really delicious you might as well just take a big handful of it and shove it in your mouth.  And it doesn’t really matter when you’re 1 because your mom’s shirt is the best napkin EVER!  

Even though house didn’t get shown, at least I had a great lunch date with my number one girl.   

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  1. Too funny! We are watching Palladia at this exact moment…it’s a constant here. That, and HGTV.

  2. I spent the weekend watching football. Talk about a role reversal! SITS sent me by, and I’m glad they did…

    It’s Complicated


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