Life married to a college football coach is always full of surprises, and not just on game day.  I am The Football Wife – this is where you’ll find my daily thoughts and inspirations, recipes for feeding the team, and how I keep myself busy during recruiting season (which usually involves redecorating something!).

Some say that you’re “married to the game”… I’d like to think that I’m married to a man who happens to coach the game.  Regardless of how you phrase it, there are reminders of the game throughout the house.  From the bookshelves spilling with inspirational sports titles, turf dirt on the carpet, and scuff marks on the hardwoods from gameday shoes, you can never seem to hide from football season.

In the 2008 season, we were blessed with the birth of Ellie.  She was due during our bye week (which some people thought we planned?), but was born two days after Homecoming and four days before her Daddy was on a bus to Kentucky.

This fall, that sweet baby of ours turns five.  And speaking of babies… we added another to our family in the midst of a job loss that rocked our comfortable world.  At 38 weeks of pregnancy, we said goodbye to our home of eight years and embraced uncertainty.  And just a few days after Super Bowl Sunday, we welcomed sweet Baby Lizzie.  

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