Game Time: Potty Breaks & Snacks for Toddlers

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This football season embarks my fifth season as a coach’s wife. The first season was challenging because I was in an entire new state, knowing only my husband, therefore sitting in the stands alone cheering on high school boys I had yet to know. My second season’s challenge was being pregnant and dealing with all emotional and physical changes that occur during your first pregnancy, my third and fourth seasons’ challenges were adjusting to having a baby turn toddler at the games with me and currently, my fifth season is bringing a whole new set of challenges. Not only am I now the mother of 2 children, but my 2 ½ year old is freshly potty trained……which means it is inevitable, we will be taking plenty of potty breaks during the 48 minute game, plus 20 minute half.

We have gone through 2 scrimmages and 2 games and until you have a freshly trained underwear wearing child, you can only imagine the challenge of wearing a 5 month old baby on your front, while trying to keep your 2 ½ year old’s hands from touching any surface they come across. Within the entire night we have been averaging 4 potty breaks, which means 4 times of side stepping through the crowded bleachers, 4 times of nearly yanking my son to ensure he isn’t lost in the crowd hanging around the concession stand, 4 times of constantly reminding him to “Do Not Touch Anything!”, 4 times of holding my baby girl’s head from bobbing around as I am bending and twisting in a confined stall to get my son situated for his potty break. Once the flush has occurred, the bending and twisting starts again getting his pants up right, followed by the yanking and side stepping to our seats. There has never been a time where hand sanitizer has been “handier” for this mama then potty breaks in public.

Typically the cause of a potty break is due to the snacking he endures during the evening. Juice boxes and crackers galore! Like potty breaks, eating and drinking is inevitable for my son during the game, therefore I need to have easy, quick snacks in convenient containers. Juice boxes are a given for beverages, they don’t leak and can easily be thrown out on our way out. Crackers in a container with a lid is a must for the diaper bag. He can snack when he wants and I can close the container when he is done. However, I needed to find something easy to store baby food in, so my daughter could eat without the entire section around us wearing sweet potatoes as an accessory. After very little searching online, I was able to find the Go Fresh Baby Reusable and Recyclable Pouch. I can fill the pouch with baby food, applesauce, yogurt, or any other type of soft and drinkable foods. I don’t attend a game without these pouches and they can be washed and reused from week to week. 

toddlers at the football stadium snacks potty breaks

Aside from passing off the 5 month old baby during a potty break {which I am starting to do!}, what do you do when your toddler needs to go potty and needs a snack to get through the game?

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  1. It seems like yesterday I was juggling a baby and a toddler at my husband’s games and now my babies are 13 and 15 and head off to find their friends as soon as they are through the gate! When they were little, I would bring a snack for the end of each quarter and hot (warm!) chocolate for half time. They knew they couldn’t have a snack until the buzzer went off at the end of the quarter and we didn’t deviate from that so they quit asking in between! We always used the bathroom before the game and they didn’t drink anything until half time so we were often able to make it through the game with just one potty break. It was not easy, but I don’t regret

    • Great idea on waiting to give the snacks until the end of each quarter. I try to hold off on the drinks, but he is constantly thirsty, all day, every day, so he uses the potty A LOT!

  2. We have a 2 and 1 year old so it gets very busy! I know this sounds bad but we have VIP parking next to the field so we just watch the game from the car. I bring DVDs and they watch them when the get bored. Plus I buy pizza and we eat it while watching the game and band during halftime. And if they are too busy or sleepy I leave during halftime.


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