A Clean Routine at Camp – Comfort Matters!

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Before heading to the woods, I purchased Cottonelle toilet paper & flushable cleansing cloths as part of a shopper insights study to ensure that no one’s care routine was interrupted.  


Every year in July, for the past four summers, a little spot in the woods comes alive with the sound of laughter.   It is a special place for women from all walks of life to gather together to reunite with the girl inside, get creative, & follow their passion.  This place is Camp Ladybug, nestled in the woods of a 100 year old community of cottages known as Central Oak Heights.  

Before our arrival, our camp site consists of several small wooden cabins.  Five truck loads of signs, banners, vintage linens, & supplies later, it is completely transformed into a magical place.  

Camp Ladybug for Women


Of all the supplies that are necessary for running a camp, there are two items provided by the owners:  paper towels & toilet paper.  While it would be nice to have one or two less things to bring {remember the 5 trucks?}, cheap toilet paper just doesn’t cut it.  Or clean it.  It takes a little imagination to make a camp site’s bath house look less spidery, so adding some comforts of home is a must. 

The two days leading up to camp, my mom {the director} and I spend a lot of time shopping for everything that we need.  One of our first stops was Target to pick up toilet paper & lots of water.  Since we needed a lot of each, it took two carts and a heavy flat filled with cases of water before our trip came to an end.  I was able to purchase two large packages of toilet paper for just $10 each and with that came a “free with purchase” offer to try out Cottonelle FreshCare flushable cleansing cloths.  

target cottonelle Collage


No one wants to talk about it, but here’s the truth:  we all “go” and when we’re finished “going”, we want to feel clean.  There is no bathtub at camp, just a shower with an occasional Daddy Longlegger.  And the only privacy available is what you can do behind a shower curtain or a little wooden stall door.  That’s camp!  To ensure that everyone is comfortable, taking  Cottonelle toilet paper & cleansing cloths along means that no one’s routine is interrupted.  For some ladies, dry toilet paper is enough while others may prefer wet cloths to feel clean.  Having something flushable allows for privacy — no need to toss it in the community trashcan!  

Comforts of Home at Camp #cottonelleroutine

cottonelle Collage

Do you know what else I like about the flushable cleansing cloths?  I like that you can purchase the wipes in a freestanding dispenser.  The plastic container is discreet, looks NOTHING like baby wipes, and has a modern design that fits most bathroom decor.  We used them both in our bathhouse at camp & once we returned home:


 Want to learn more about having a clean routine?  Visit Cottonelle on Facebook & follow their updates on Twitter and watch for the hashtag #cottonelleroutine  See more photos from my shopping trip to Target in my google+ album.  


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  1. I’m sure the ladies appreciated the softness of the Cottonelle toilet paper vs. the other and the cleaning cloths are fantastic. I love how you went the extra mile and provided those for the ladies. :)


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