Christmas Hope & Celebrating Childhood

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It is quiet throughout our house this morning, with just the occasional sigh from the dog who is tucked into a quilt nearby napping under the lights of our little tree.  The coffee is hot and the sun is just starting to peek out over the treeline in the distance.  I cherish this brief solitude before the “chaos” of family life begins again.

Making plans in advance is not something that we do these days, but still I am trying to create a season for Ellie that is joyful & full of hope.  Isn’t that what Christmas is all about anyway?  Hope.

Our stockings are hung, our tree is decorated, & most importantly, our stable is ready & waiting.  The other day Ellie said to me, “Do you think that my Elf will tell Santa how much I love Baby Jesus?”  And it seems that the more we play the “hide the elf around the house” game, the more certain she is that Christmas is all about Baby Jesus.  Jesus AND toys.

There are so many questions… some that I can answer by simply saying “magic” and others where I need an expert.  An expert with a collar and an MDiv degree.

While tapping the glass on our fireplace she asked, “Mom?  How is Santa going to get through this?”


“Mom?  Our elf left behind some of his magic for me, but I still can’t fly!  I can only jump!  See?”

“Mom?  When Jesus comes back on Christmas is He going to be a baby again?  Is he going to bring Ruth {our dead bunny} along with Him?  Like, if we see Ruth with Jesus… can we just snatch her back?”

I am not certain if rabbits receive resurrected bodies when Jesus returns.  Anybody have an answer for that one?

At four, she is just trying to make sense of it all.  At thirty-two, you could say that I’m doing the same.  She is a bright beacon of hope & love, with a belly filled with cookie dough and a heart filled with song.

And someday when I am old & gray, I will look back on all these years and know that celebrating childhood with my girls was my life’s greatest accomplishment.

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  1. Sara, We are given in Scripture the image of “a new heaven and a new earth” and so go ahead and include all of creation in the resurrection life – including rabbits! But you might want to say that probably Jesus isn’t going to bring back Ruth when he comes at Christmas, because Ruth enjoys being in heaven… don’t worry about her thinking about whether or not animals can be in heaven – if heaven is the full presence of God why would God not want the animals!
    anytime you need a collar and an M.Div. feel free to call :)


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