Hearing Voices

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Last Thursday, Babycakes and I made the 520 mile trek north to visit my family in Pennsylvania.  She was such a delightful little traveler, going back and forth between watching a movie or entertaining me with her songs & play by play action of the snow covered landscape. 

“Wook, Mom!  It’s snow!  Wook, Mom!  It’s a cow in the snow.” 

Around lunch time on our traveling day, I announced that we would be stopping at McDonalds to go potty {me} and get some chicken nuggets {her}. 

“I no wanna go to Donalds.  I wanna go Emmy-em’s house.  No go potty, Mom.”

Then, explaining things in Wonder Pets language {we do this quite often}, I told her that I was like the little puppy who had to pee-pee, “but I can’t… cause I’m stuck in the car.”  Then she understood and the little voice in the backseat said…

“Mom, you gotta go potty?  Did you dwink too much coffee again?” 



I planned this trip north when my mom made the decision to host a workshop on Vision Boards at Dancing Bear Lodge.  Within a short period of time, she had more than a dozen women sign up to spend the day with us.  How often do women, in the busy-ness of everyday life, take time for reflection?  Take time to dream, to create, to envision the life they really want? 

On Saturday morning, we met early in the morning to caravan to the lodge.  As we drove and ascended into the mountains, a light snow began to fall.  We were greeted at the lodge by a roaring fire, hot coffee, & warm hearts.  Being there in that moment with so many wonderful women was like a giant hug for my soul. 

This is my friend Hazel.  She is so wise and has always given me great advice over the years.  She has three sons – her youngest, who is now a high school senior, used to spend Sunday mornings wrapped around my leg.  Her oldest lives too far away in Memphis with his wife & two adorable children — her vision board included children playing in a sandbox.  While we created our vision boards, we reminisced about the time I was the Mother Mary and her middle son, Mark {who is a total hunk at Temple}, was my Christ child.  To think, I used to cradle him in my arms.  Time flies. 

I put the finishing touches on my own vision board in the peacefulness of that day.  As I reflect on the day and the conversations that took place, I’ve learned a lot about myself.  In order to make that “fresh start”, I need to declutter my mind.  I have too many interests and in order to restore a feeling of rest in my soul, I need to choose just a few things and do them well. 

What dreams do you envision for your life? 

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  1. So fun! What a good way to spend some time with your mom.

    I was at yoga last night and the teacher said something that really made me thing {and goes along with your epiphany, hence my telling you…}: “Are you getting everything that you want? Maybe you aren’t asking fully for what you need, which creates confusion. Or maybe you are just asking for too much.”

    Ask fully. Live fully. But only ask for and do the things that matter most.

  2. I love the idea of a Vision Board. Do you do workshops often? ANy chance you would share a picture of your board? I’m just curious how you set it up. This might be something fun to do with my students or my girlfriends. Can you @ me with any info you have and can share on Vision Boards? @2ndchancemoon



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