Curiosity Wrecked My House

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If you’re wondering where I’ve been over the last week, you should know that I’m having an affair… with my magic eraser.  Really, truly, the two of us have been inseperable.  We’ve been quite the duo, eliminating crayon from windows & various non-paper surfaces.  Such is life with a two-year-old, I suppose.  They’re so full of curiosity, so demanding of your attention, and if you turn your head for even a moment, you may find your entire house destroyed.

For example, on Thursday morning, Cakes and the little preschool boys and I were all sitting on the floor building Snow White’s castle with Mega Blocks when she abruptly left the group and went to the kitchen.  I called to her – no answer.  About 45 seconds later, I walked into the kitchen to find that she had climbed from a chair onto the counter top, retrieved a cup from the cabinet, pushed another chair near the coffee pot, filled her cup with sugar, and then poured the remainder of my coffee into her cup.  When I found her, she was stirring.  The “pushing the chairs around the kitchen” routine is getting really old — this afternoon, she tried to put a travel pack of Wet Ones in the toaster. 

After a long week {in addition to our preschoolers, we also babysat a friend’s grandson}, we decided that we would stay in town rather than travel to Coach’s game.  I thought it would be an excellent way for me to get caught up on housework.  Cakes thought it would be a great day to act like a total wackadoodle.  I made the mistake of sitting at the computer shopping for a beach house.  While I searched for a piece of tranquility, she shopped the pantry with her grocery cart.  It wasn’t until later when I looked at the floor and saw bits of peel all over the house that I realized she had shopped for onions.  Of course, she also shopped the fridge…  there was proof.

I feel like I’m living my life in a Laura Numeroff book — If you give your daughter a cup of juice, she’s going to ask for a big girl cup.  When you give her the big girl cup, she’ll probably ask you for a straw.  She’ll want some ice cubes to go in it.  When you give her the ice cubes, she’ll need to wear mittens because her cup is so cold.  Wearing the mittens will remind her that there’s a big bin full of mittens and hats and umbrellas, so she’ll want to play dress up.  She won’t know which ones to wear, so she’ll just wear some and litter the rest around the house and mix them all up with the onion peels.   

While you vacuum up the onion peels, she’ll find some crayons which will remind her that she *really* wants to color.  She notices that the door is white like paper, so she’ll color all over it.  While you scold her and grab your magic eraser, she’ll… 


There are blessings in having a naturally curious kid.  

Her imagination is just as colorful as the artwork on my front door.

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  1. Love it. So true. I have two boys 3 & 1. When I became a stay at home mom this year I thought my house would be spotless. Ha! Now it is lived in all the time & little ones…well, they are great helpers, huh? :)

  2. Ahhhh….Molly has just figured out the pushing chairs thing…and I’m terrified of when she truly understands the damage she can do when she can reach the counters.

    I do love the mittens picture though – how funny is that!? Drinking her juice, with a straw and ice, and her mittens on.

  3. Oh my…

    Just think what fun these blog entries will be when she is grown! :-)

  4. Thanks for the smile! She’s a smarty, some day she will use her mind for good not to be mischevious!

  5. Here’s a tip to remedy the chair situation: BUNGEE CORDS!!
    I strapped all our chairs to the table legs when our kiddos were in that nosy, um…I mean *curious* stage.


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